5 Free Online Antivirus Scanners

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No anti-virus software installed? Or the local anti-virus software can not be used? When suspicious files in your computer, you can try some online virus scanning tools to identify a virus and then to solve.

Why you need online anti-virus scanner?
  • Generally speaking, most users only installed on anti-virus or anti- spyware software, you can not deal with all virus with one software.
  • Many online Antivirus scanners use a lot of different antivirus products.
  • Fast and easy to use, sig date is up-to-date.

Here are five free online anti-virus scanners.

ESET Online Scanner

 It's produced by well-known anti-virus software NOD32,this is an online virus scanni tools to detect viruses, malware, Trojans, and some of them can be removed, but after all, limited functionality.


 A non-profit, free service for website users, it offers a variety of different manufacturers of the latest version of the virus detection engine upload suspicious files to your online scan, and the test results can be immediately displayed, you could get the proposal of how to deal with it.


 VirusTotal is a suspicious file analysis tool, comprehensive utilization of various anti-virus engine, what you need is upload files to determine whether a file has been virus, worms, trojans, and all kinds of infection or implant malicious software.

You can upload files online safety testing, you can also send files via e-mail to scan@virustotal.com. Mail support for the 20MB attachment size limit, the system will automatically return a message with the file analysis. In addition, VirusTotal comes with hash value of verification tools, easy to find with MD5/SHA value of direct analysis. VirusTotal was selected by PC World as one of the best 100 products of 2007.

Jotti's malware scan

 It allows you to upload and thorough documentation check whether they contain viruses and Trojan horses. Virus scan through more than 20 well-known virus database to check the uploaded file, such as kaspersky virus database, AVG anti-virus and so on.

 This is an online virus scan Widget tool, using the Panda scan technology to retrieve all kinds of viruses, malware, Trojans and other harmful things on the system. The Widget can be applied to NetVibes, iGoogle or pageflakes and other personalized home page.
These online anti-virus scanners can not replace the anti-virus software on your computer, some of them only can check if there's virus in your file, no remove function.