Freeware Guru! is a site that I am devoted to share nice freewares and write some How To & Tips about blog and browsers. You just be free here, find the softwares, games or something else you want.
In most cases, ordinary users don't have to pay for some necessary software for your system except you really like them or make a living on them. You can always find  a good alternative software for commercial software. EX, Gimp - Photoshop, Openoffice - Microsoft office, Blender - Maya, 7-Zip - WinRAR, etc. And lots of free & open source softwares and games are waiting for you. So why you still want to buy a business software? And I highly recommend you have a try with Linux!
All the softwares here I share could be downloaded and used well, any cracked software won't appear at here.   :)

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.