Get a free VPN account: proXPN

proXPN is a free VPN service that make your Internet connection security. It upgrades your internet connection with encryption so you can hide your ip address. And help your visit some  US only websites. Unlike the nomal Internet connection, you won't left any record of your web history.
At the same time, proXPN is easy to use. It works on windows and mac, even iphone. What you need is download its clinet, creat a totally free acount with your email and then connect the virtual private network through it.
Here are some features of proXPN
  • upgrades your internet connection with VPN encryption
  • secures all types of connections from DSL and cable to 3G
  • gives you 100% private access to the internet
  • allows you to access content restricted to the United States
  • no one can access to your passwords, credit cards, or banking details
  • hides your ip, left no record
Your can dowload it from its home page, and here is the instructions for iphone.
Watch the introduction video made by proXPN.

You can invite your friends, and each you will get a month's upgraded premium account for free. Or pay the $5/month for the premium version.