Mixero - a nice twitter desktop app

Mixero is a twitter client Works on Windows, MacOS X, Linux &amp & iphone. I have used this app for several months, it's a full-featured client.
First picture is mixero's login window, very nice interface and you must see the facebook icon, this means mixero is mutiple account support。

This one is Options window, you can customize a lot here like accounts, themes, api, interface, etc.
And this is mixero's main window.
Mixero is easy to use, but I'm still telling you some useful tips
  1. You can use the Activelist to watch the timeline only from the elements included in the list, this list can be a singel friend, a group or a channel that's important to you. Then you can save a lot of time.
  2. Filters can be easily created to stop a user's or group's timeline or for keywords.
  3. Preview images from Twitpic, Flickr and some other service directly in timeline. Shorten URLs can be done like this.
  4. The groups, filters, channels, activelists you set can be synchronized via Mixero's server across all platforms.
Download the installer for windows here, or the .air here(need install Adobe Air first).