One Step Back

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One step back is another armor game. Explore the mind of a man stuck with his memories - only by forgetting the past can he advance.
Controls: Arrow Keys / WASD to move.

You may be puzzled by this game at the beginning, gameplay and its difficulty could be challenges.
Each level starts you at one point and tasks you with reaching the exit door by running, jumping, and wall-jumping. The exit door only open until you've moved a certain distance, then the door turns into blue, at this moment you can get into it and pass the level.
Ghosts of yourself will appear intermittently from the entrance point and track your exact path. Don't touch them or you'll die. As long as you is still, the ghosts will freeze in place.
Once you learn a few of the tricks, one step back will be beaten easily, gameplay lies in your hands, it may have may possibilities. Enjoy it!