Use Comodo TrustConnect To Hide Your IP

Image representing Comodo as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseComodo TrustConnect is provided by a well-known security software provider - Comodo. Comodo TrustConnect is an openVPN service keeps you and your information private, secure, and out of the hands of criminals during your online session.
It provides free (10G traffic) and paid account, it works with its OpenVPN client, the client supports for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and iPhone(for iPod / iPhone is PPTP VPN service). And here I'll tell you how to hide your ip with this free VPN service.

 How To
  • Login account to access your VPN name and password(service password is diffent with your account password, of course you can change it), and download the client. You will see a list at the right side of your account.
  • Then Install the software, run the program, right click on the Comodo TrustConnect taskbar icon, then click "Connect", enter the user name and service password & click "OK". 
  • You can check your traffic usage via Login your account.
  1. Comodo is a trusted company so you just be free to use this VPN service.
  2. This sevice supports for 50 years but only 10G traffic, so starnge. Did I misunderstand its meaning?  
  3. For me the speed of browsering is not very good. After you try, please let me know how about it.