A List Of Commercial Software's Open Source Equivalents

You purchased licenses for all the softwares you're using? If so, you're really great!

However, let's be honest, unauthorized copying of software is very common for most windows users. For example, WinRAR is a widely used software, you could try it before you buy, but after its free trial, it still could be used. How can that be legal? And you can download the copy of Adobe Photoshop from the Internet, but do you feel relieved? You can't be sure that you won't get trouble forever. So don't take software makers for fools, they'll find more and more ways to track down illegal owners all the time.

If you start to contact with linux, you can always find a free replacement for most commercial softwares, and most of them run on Windows and Mac OS too. Some of them might lack the advanced functionality, but they'll be more than enough for most people, some of them are as good as commercial softwares. Here is a list of some common commercial softwares and their open Source Equivalents.  
Commercial Open source Support Windows?
3ds Max, Maya Blender Yes
Adobe Audition Audacity Yes
Adobe Dreamweaver Bluefish Yes
Adobe Illustrator Inkscape Yes
Adobe InDesign Scribus Yes
Adobe Photoshop GIMP Yes
Adobe Premiere Kino, Cinelerra No
Adobe Reader Evince, Kpdf Yes
iTunes, Winamp Amarok, Rhythmbox, aTunes No
Kazaa aMule, MLDonkey Yes
Microsoft Internet Explorer Firefox, Chromium Yes
Microsoft Office OpenOffice, LibreOfficeKOffice Yes
Microsoft Windows Mail Thunderbird, Evolution Yes
Microsoft Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player Mplayer, VLC Yes
Microsoft Windows Messenger Pidgin, Kopete, aMSN Yes
Nero Burning Rom K3b, Brasero No
Windows Movie Maker PiTiVi, Open Movie Editor Yes
winzip, winrar 7-zip Yes