Ubuntu One For Windows Is Available Now

Ubuntu One is an online storage & sync service (similar to Dropbox) operated by Canonical Ltd. The service allows you to sync files across multiple computers, you can also share files with friends.

It runs on Ubuntu 9.04 and later, a beta version for Windows is available now. Currently there is no client available for Mac. A free Ubuntu One account offers 2 GB of storage, you can pay for more storage. But Ubuntu One Mobile is not free, it offers music streaming apps for iPhone and Android phones. The Mobile package costs $3.99 USD a month ($39.99 one year).

Just like Dropbox, you need to install a client, then start your backup and synchronization. At the same time, you can access your files from web.

Now is the first release of Ubuntu One for Windows, so its features are limited. File sync may take a bit longer compared to the Ubuntu experience and sync is manually. 

Join the public beta test of Ubuntu One for Windows at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Windows .

Ubuntu One Homepage | Tutorial for Windows | Bugs

Note: The Ubuntu One client for Windows requires Windows XP SP3, Vista, or 7 with the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed.