Unlock Secured PDF Files Online For Free

Many PDF files you downloaded from Internet can be secured with restrictions. For instance, copying text from them or editing, printing, merging or splitting them. If you want to use the contents of PDF files, an unlock tool is needed.

PDFUnlock! is such an online tool that can remove these restrictions. However, it is not a crack password tool, you have too enter the passwords of PDF files to open them.

A PDF file can also be subject to non-standard encryption, such as DRM. PDFUnlock! does not remove such.
Use this tool at http://www.pdfunlock.com/ (5MB limited)

Also you may like PDFCrack! (yeah, this tool could crack passwords;) , PDFMerge!, PDFSplit! (split a PDF file into one or more pieces) and PDFProtect! (Add password protection to your PDF files).

If you know some nice PDF tools, please share with me ;)

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Vicky Milza said...

Hi friends,

PDF files can be secured with an owner or user password and secured with some restrictions that keep you from copying, editing, printing and extracting. Unlock PDF security is a stand-alone program to unlock all the secured settings. Thank you...

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