Dink Smallwood - A Classic RPG & AVG Game

Dink Smallwood is a fun and humorous adventure/role-playing game made by Robinson Technologies. It was initially released in 1997 before being released as freeware in 1999.

The game features the twisted adventure of Dink Smallwood, a pig farmer who leaves his town and goes on a quest to save the world.
 screenshot of Dink Smallwood

Dink Smallwood HD is a newly optimized version by the original creators. This version is not only available for Windows, but also for Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad. A new feature is the player can save and load the game at any point while the original game where saving was only possible at specific points in the game.

Dink Smallwood HD for iOS, Android - Official Trailer

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If you want play Dink on Linux, BSD, PSP and more, you can try the open-source portable version - FreeDink.