AudioPlay: Add A Buttom Flash MP3 Player To Your Blog

AudioPlay is a very simple and free Flash mp3 player, it is simple to only one button. You can add it to your blog and website.
Simple upload AudioPlay and music file to your blog hosting, network hard disk like Dropbox, google code or you can just try this player by using you music URL with the offficial demo. 

See the screenshots below, it's the best proof of its simple!
Click  to view full size
You could get the code from thie demo, background color, loop settings and autostart options are all customizable. And you can customize player's play/stop button with your own button images if you install it. If you are looking for a music player for your sound clips or background for your blog, you can't miss this lightweight player.
Download(Version 0.9.8 18.07.2010)| Official website
Click the black buttom, enjoy the music!