Share Your Files Easily With Oeo.la

Oeo.la is a free network hard disk, which is developed by eCareme Technologies. It's not same with ASUS WebStorage, Oeo.la's function is simple, and regist is not needed, so it's easy to share your files with others.

Main features
  • 200M limit within a single file
  • which can upload 50 files
  • documents could be encrypted
  • easy to use, it is appropriate to share files
  • but it does not specify the time and traffic limits to save the file  
  • no ads.

Click the "Sharing Now!" button to start. After uploaded files, then go to the "Next Step: Edit your shared file". In this step, you could copy the file URL to share, set a password for files, create a silde show with your pictures and some other operations.

The operation of this service is really easy, so I don't illustrate it in detail. Try it by yourself!

Official Website