Free Adobe Photoshop Express!

Extracted from the Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows...Yes, you did not get fooled by your eyes!It's Adobe Photoshop! Absolutely genuine!  I'm going to introduce is the online version of Photoshop.
You can get four free photoshop services, what you need is to create a free Photoshop.com account!
  1. An online picture edit tool: Photoshop Express Editor
  2. An online photo album management tool: Photoshop Express Organizer
  3. An online personal photo album display page: Photoshop Express Slideshow
  4. A real-time synchronization album software: Photoshop Express Uploader
  •  Photoshop Express Editor
 You can use this editor without regist, upload whatever picture you want to edit. It doesn't have enough fetures like Photoshop CS software, but it's functions are useful and really easy to use.
  •  Photoshop Express Organizer connect with other web album
Adobe provides 2G free album space and you can access manage Flickr, Picasa, Facebook photos in it.
  Waiting for what? Just sign up! https://www.photoshop.com/account/join