Zombie Game - Survivor The Living Dead

Zombies are definitely popular right now, Survivor the living dead is a 2D killing zombies game. I like watching zombie movies like Resident Evil & Zombieland but I couldn't tell why definitely and still don't understand why so many people like zombies?
In this game, you're going to play a girl who's trapped in a house, you must defend your role from the unrelenting armies of the living dead by using the various weapons. This game is intended as a homage to the early George Romero films and is completely free to download.

【Game Description】
  • 15 unique weapons, as well as your own deadly innovations.
  • 4 varieying modes of gameplay each with its own difficulty. Including a story mode.
  • Special options and a reward system that allow you to earn new items and become stronger.
  • Over 1000 original frames of oldschool pixel animation. As well as some shoddy game art.
Below is a gameplay video via YouTube.

This game is a bit difficult, players need to test the response capacity and temporary sens. Nice weekend!

Downloads(Full package, Light weight without music) | Official website