Chrome Extension: Super Google Reader

Image representing Google Reader as depicted i...Many websites do not provide full feed content, but only an extension can solve this trouble. If you're using Google Reader and Chrome, you'll like this post ;)

Super Google Reader is such a chrome extension which provide full content feeds for Google Reader. 
- Full feed content on a per-feed or folder basis
- Readable feed content from the source of the feed, parsed to extract only the most important content
- View entry links in an iframe that has it's height adjusted to the correct size of the entry page.
- Works in Expanded or List views
- Display the hostname of the entry in the subject line (optional).
- Pre-fetch readable content for unread entries (optional).
- Specialized readable content for popular entry types such as youtube videos, vimeo videos and wikipedia pages
- All settings are transparently built into Google Reader.
- Keyboard shortcuts when viewing an entry:
    - 8: Readable content
    - 9: Iframe content
    - 0: Original feed content

Super Google Reader allows you to extend this Chrome directly in Google Reader to read the content of any website full of articles. After installing the extension, each entry in Google Reader will appear "Readable, Link, Feed" three kinds of ways to read the content, Readable is to call the full article, Link is embedded directly in iFrame, Feed RSS content is the default reader view.

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