Backup Your Firefox, Opera & Chrome Easily

For most users, IE must be their favorites, if they need a backup, just back up their bookmarks. However, users of Firefox, Chrome and Opera, the need to back up is more than bookmarks.
Today I'll recommend a series of softwares to you, and some of them can almost just one-click backup of Firefox, Opera, Chrome's data and settings. Though all the three browsers I said already have their own synchronization tool like firefox's Firefox Sync add-on, Opera Link for opera, in addition, Chrome's bookmark can also be synchronized by Xmarks and chrome itself. But still they don't have the settings-backup feature.

Firefox is the second most widely used browser, there must be a lot of users. MozBackup is a easy-to-use backup software not only supports Firefox, but also compatible with Thunderbird, Sunbird, Flock, Postbox, SeaMonkey, etc.
MozBackup has a custom backup option, you can selectively back up personal data files of some unknown files in the folder. These files are usually some of the extensions, toolbars, you can selectively keep them or delete.
Official website | Download
Google Chrome Backup is a windows platform backup/recovery/management toll for Chrome & Chromium. It supports the following features:
  • Backup and Restore Wizard
  • Support for Google Chrome, and Chromium
  • Management of personal data, including new, delete data
  • Add existing profiles to Google Chrome backup
 For sure Google Chrome Backup is a free software.
Official website | Download
Opera is a extremely powerful functionality and well-integrated browser, but it isn't widely used, I think you should have a try if you never used before :)
OperaFly is a small data backup software for opera, the latest version has support for Opera 10, but it doesn't have an update for a long time. Personally speaking, I never tried it before and the next software below is the best choice.
Official website | Download
FavBackup belongs to the killer backup software, it works for IE, firefox, chrome, opera, safari, Flock.
If there is more than one browser installed on your computer, then just use FavBackup, it's that simple.
Official website | Download | SkyDrive Download (version 2.0.1)
However, all the softwares in this post just could be used windows only. If you have some methods for other platforms, please let me know:) .
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