Download Grid Wars 2

Nowadays, the size of video game is becoming larger and larger, ones that larger than 1GB are everywhere. But still we can find some small size games with fantastic graphics and original pleasure. Grid Wars 2 is one of these games, its size is less than 3 MB!

Grid Wars is a clone computer game of the popular Xbox 360 game - Geometry Wars. As a free game, Grid Wars became so popular, resulting in the production of Geometry Wars's company asked the game maker to take the game down so as not to stop the sale of Geometry Wars. The link to the download was pulled from its site but many mirrors exist on the web.

Now let's into today's topic,  Grid Wars 2 is Grid Wars's sequel. It was subsequently released on a German website dedicated to Flash and freeware games and is available for Windows, OSX and Linux.
 How to play.
Grid Wars 2 supports a variety of control methods, including joystick, keyboard and mouse.  Enter game and press ESC, get into the settings, the control type can be changed.

Using the keyboard,  w-s-a-d control the direction of the upper and lower left and right arrow keys control the direction of the bullet, the space bar plant bombs or you can set up their own from the start to casually up and down before a shot by bullets. For mouse, shot using the mouse is left, right bomb.

As it's an old game, so forget the system requirements :)

You can download  Grid Wars 2 at http://gridwars.marune.de/