An Anti-Frustration Software - Soluto

You will find that your Windows system become more and more slowly after a few months after use, this may be caused by a variety of causes like too much junk files and startup apps, virus, disk fragmentation, etc.

For the proficient users who have access to computers for a long time, they must have some measures in response, but there is still a lot of newbies to PCs, they may get a deeply frustrating experience.

Soluto is such a simple-to-use software can convince the millions of frustrated PC users to use their software. It allows you to understand your boot, discover which applications are slowing it down, then it will give you a solution to speed up your system boot! ( Soluto is the winner of 2010 TechCruch Disrupt. )
Now let me make a brief introduction to it.
First is the installation. 
.NET Framework & Internet connection are needed. Then a you need to reboot your computer to let Soluto work.
Main window of Soluto, very simple and it looks very comfortable. You can know the boot time of your computer and start up apps.
Three types of start up apps
  • No-brainer - remove from boot
  • Potentially removable 
  • Can't remove with Soluto yet 
Every start up app has an introduction including the impact time on boot time. You can pause it or delay it (start until the boot is finished) to speed up.  
The advanced introduction interface.
Right now, the function of Soluto is rather simple as it is just in beta. Boot is the first step for Soluto.

Note: As Soluto is still in beta, the user is very small, so now most of the third-party programs are still not too specific description.

At last, you can watch the official How-to.

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