Unshorten Urls & Check If The Site Is Safe With URLVoid

Nowadays, you are exposed to a lot of urls that are shortened. Like on Twitter, Facebook, you almost can not avoid those urls. If you are worried about the safety of some websites, here is a solution.

URLVoid」 is an online service that can scan a website address with multiple scanning engines such as Google Diagnostic, Norton SafeWeb, MyWOT to detect the possible dangerous. And you can also check reputation of domains and subdomains.

Extract URL」is a service of URLVoid, you can unshorten urls with it.
So, just 3 steps to check the shorten url.

1. Unshorten the shortened url with Extract URL 
2. Use URLVoid  to check the website reputation
3. After step 2, don't forget to start a Virus Scan
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