Free Antivirus & Firewal Download - Comodo Internet Security

Image representing Comodo as depicted in Crunc...I'm a loyal user of Comodo. Comodo Firewall always has a topRank in firewall world. If you are looking for some antivirus of firewall software, continue Reading :)

Comodo just release Comodo Internet Security 5.0 several days ago, Which combines Comodo Antivirus、Comodo Firewall and Defense+(HIPS), most important of all, they are totally free! You can choose to
    * Install the Antivirus as a standalone
    * Install the Firewall as a standalone
    * Install both Firewall and Antivirus
Like I said in about, there's no need to find a charge software , this free security suite can completely meet ordinary user's need.

 Main features about Comodo Internet Security 5.0

  • Antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, firewall, that contains a set of comprehensive security protection against any PC invaders.
  •  Heuristics detection, blocking suspicious behavior, can advance to prevent malicious intrusion.
  •  Low system requirements (but it doesne't do very well while scan virus)
  • Cloud scanning

  • White List of trusted security programs could be setted easily to help establish the right rules.
  • Simple to install and easy to use, you could make restrictions on movement of suspicious programs via Sandbox.
  • Game mode lets you play the game without interference.
Next, I'll give you a simple to understand introduction of Comodo Internet Security.
Multilanguage support
Choose to install suit
If you have installed Comodo Internet Security 4.x version, just install the Comodo Internet Security 5.0, Comodo will automatically help you do remove, cover, re-installation actions; if you have not previously installed Comodo, then remove your original security software, then you can install Comodo Internet Security 5.0 .

2. Then make a choice of install the Antivirus or firewall as a standalone & install both firewall and antivirus. As I said at the beginning, you can't miss Comodo Firewall. You can install the firewall and look for some other antivirus softwares like avast! , AVG.

3. If you don't understand the meaning of every step, choose the default values, they are firendly to ordinary users. And no need to change anything after the installation.

4. How to make the right judgments on alerts. Certain skills are needed to find out the meanings of Comodo Internet Security alert windows. In fact, Comodo Internet Security Warning window which represents the system of the various modes of damage that may occur, so we can correct operation as long as these warning window appears to understand the significance of these alerts, and master the basic method of using Comodo.
There are three colors alert windows of comodo. Red, orange & green. Once Comodo detects a new network connection, it shows the green window. Don't forget to pick [I would like to be fully accessible to the other PCs in this network] if you share documents in your network.
The orange alert includes Firewall Alert and Defense+ Alert. Firewall alert means suspicious behavior of network while D+ Alert means suspicious behavior of memory. Two images below represent Picasa and PicPick, they are trusted programs, so allow them to work. If you get some alert about unfamiliar program, google it!