Free ASUS Online Backup Storage Service

ASUS WebStorage is a free online hard drive service launched by eCareme Technologies, Inc.
Not only for your important data files on the computer could be automatic backup to Cloud, file synchronization and file sharing (which can be password protected) are all to be done easily. It's rich features and practical, ASUS WebStorage for each free user provides 1G storage space, you can also spend 4.99 dollars per month get unlimited storage space.

ASUS offers a backup software to backup, synchronize files through Multi-computer, this client supports all major operating systems like Ubuntu , Windows, Android. You could also backed up data via web.
 Main features
  • Automatic Backup your dates with online live virus scan
  • Live File Sync, you can access and modify your latest saved files anytime from any computers or mobile phones.
  • With the advanced Cloud technologies, you will be able to interchange your files between your computers and mobile phone anytime.
  • To maximize the enjoyment, ASUS WebStorage offers real-time sharing and editing with your friends without the traditional communication barrier from Email or FTP.
No doubt about the reliability of ASUS service. 
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