Comodo Disk Encryption Software

Comodo GroupJust another free Comodo software, as Comodo is a famous company about computer & Internet security, so I think there's no need to introduce it. And today I'm going to introduce a encryption software - Comodo Disk Encryption.
It could not only encrypt the existing physical partitions, but also create a virtual encrypted partition to protect your date, which is the most significant feature of the software.
After the installation, a restart is needed.
How it works?
Comodo Disk Encryption allows you to encrypt local hard drives and partitions and is designed to continuously protect sensitive data from being compromised, lost or stolen. Using on-the-fly disk encryption and two levels of authentication, Comodo Disk Encryption automatically protects stored information without disrupting the computing experience.

I introduced Easy File Locker before, you can use it hide files to protect date, but it's not real encryption. Comodo Disk Encryption is different and much more powerful, password authentication & USB memory key authentication could be used at the same time so that keep your date security.

Download page | User Guide(pdf)