A Free & Cross-Platform Image Viewer - XnViewMP

XnViewYou may have heard or used the famous image viewer and converter - XnView before, it is a cross-platform image viewer used for viewing, converting, organising and editing graphical & video files. Today I'll introduce XnView's new version -  XnViewMP.

XnViewMP (XnView Multi Platform) will eventually replace all other versions of XnView (*nix and Mac OS X and Windows) using the same source code for all platforms and is intended to have a unified look and feel. It will have native unicode support and be able to load full bit depth pictures, easier handling of native language support (text based files) and a better database.
A special point of XnViewMP is multi-tabbed browsing, each image will be open to different tabs, like the browser to open multiple tab pages. XnViewMP has many features and tips and it's highly customisable and multi-lingual. This free software provides a number of helpful tools like the standard tools for rotating images and renaming files in bulk, it also can convert pics among a wide variety of formats.
        XnViewMP 0.26 on Ubuntu

Generally speaking, XnViewMP is very powerful,  but its size is a little big to the ones who like lightweight apps.

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