Indie Games By Zack Banack: Time Still I & II

TimeStill is a puzzle platform game by Zack Banack, a teenager from United States who has made a bunch of freeware games, you can find him at his own site, GameJolt and YoYoGames.

The goal of this game is to collect all the shiny points while dodging obstacles. The controls are very simple, Arrow keys to move and Z to freeze time. You can stop time in its tracks while jumping, dodging, freezing, warping, and altering the world around you, then take those obstacles to your advantage. All 24 levels, you can pass a level once all the points collected.
Download (2.5MB)

TimeStill II is a continuation of TimeStill with over 30 new levels of puzzles. And
there is some features achievements and a special game mode.
 Download (7.8MB)