Opera 11 Beta With Tab Stacking And More

Opera has released its latest Opera 11 beta web browser. The beta is loaded with some new features, while others are improvements to existing Opera features like tabs and mouse gestures.

Here are some nice features of Opera 11 beta:
  • Visual Mouse Gestures
Now Opera has the addition of an interface that guides you. But this function is useless to old users.
  • Extensions support
Extend Opera with new functionality. Access the extensions at https://addons.labs.opera.com/
  • A new address field
The new address field hides the complexity of long web addresses and you can click on the badge for the website to see information about the site you are visiting.
  • Tab stacking
Tab stacking lets you drag one tab over another to create a group. Now, you can keep dozens of webpages open, organized and under control. Watch the video below to find more.

Tab stacking in Opera 11

Download Opera 11 beta for Windows, Mac and Unix @ http://www.opera.com/browser/next/