Login To Windows With Your Face by Luxand Blink!

Many people like set password for the computer so that the appropriate privacy is protected. But if the password is too cumbersome, easy to forget, how to do? In that way, a helpful software is needed for you.
Not all computer support fingerprint password, but every one can afford a webcam. Yes, I'm going to tell you how to login to windows just with your face
Luxand Blink! is such a software,
this free software adds an extra level of security to your computer through your Webcam, associating your face with your username and password so you can start using by simply looking at it! After the installation of Luxand Blink! , it will start itself with windows, the next time your boot the computer, it'll take over the login screen, camera is opened directly waiting for your face! At the same time, you can login with your password.

How to start
  1. Download and install it
  2. After installation, Luxand Blink! will run a wizard to ask you to record a face template
  3. Then you can lock the computer and test it!

After severl days test, I think it's a really cool software, still I met a problem - sometimes it failed to start up. Whatever, don't miss it!
Downloads | Official website