Use SkyDrive Easily With SDExplorer

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As we all know, Microsoft has offered free 25G network hard disk SkyDrive for a long time, now many people should have an account, you can sign up for a try! Today I'll introduce a network drive with the use of Microsoft SkyDrive™ - SDExplorer. In the past, we can only manage web page file on the disc, but with it, we will be able to like using the local folder to manage.
SDExplorer is is a free, easy-to-use, but very powerful extension for Windows Explorer. After install it and then it would appear in "My Computer" which see it as our C drive, D drive, double-click it to login your SkyDrive account you will be able to see you all the files on a network disk, and then you can as usual in folders, copy, paste, rename, new files, it is convenient.

SDExplorer's installation is fairly simple and multi-language could be choose. Of course the initial default language is English.
SDExplorer uses the standard Microsoft library for working with Windows Live ID services, so you can rest assured the security of your account. Additionally, all of your online storage-related traffic is transmitted using the HTTPS protocol, protecting your data from snoopers.
Network sharing feature is also very important. SDExplorer to copy files outside the chain of support for direct links, simply copy the url file, right to choose. (If you want to share fliles, don't forget to put them in public folder.)
Probably SDExplorer is SkyDrive's most convenient unofficial client.
If you often use SkyDrive, SDExplorer is undoubtedly your best helper! You see it as the 25G more space of the hard drive :), or as a convenient SkyDrive client, it makes the tedious process of uploading and downloading becomes a simple copy and paste operation! Whether rename, create new folder, moving files and other operations are very simple. All of these are absolutely free!
Note: The SkyDrive service currently offers 25 GB of free personal storage, with individual files limited to 50 MB.
There are two types to choose, BASE & PRO, base is totally free, you can try the pro version before buy.
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